Splash Mountain Fragrance


Splash Mountain Fragrance

Splash Mountain Fragrance – is in our Signature Series of candles. Even though you won’t get wet, you will feel that you are on Splash Mountain with this historic candle. Splash Mountain smells like rain water, salt water and ozone that creates the smell of getting soaked. This candle is handcrafted by our Chemist.

• Candles are Handcrafted and Hand Poured – some wax blemishes may be present.
• Materials: 100% Soy Wax, High-Quality Fragrance, Coloring, Tin Container, Eco Wicks
• Ships World Wide from Houston Texas!


Splash Mountain Fragrance

Inspired by: Walt Disney World®* Splash Mountain*

On a summer day in 1983, Tony Baxter, an Imagineer, envisioned Splash Mountain during a frustrating stint of rush hour traffic. His team created the Zip-a-Dee River Run concept, basing many of the scenes on characters from America Sings. However, all of the Br’er Rabbit, Br’er Fox, and Br’er Bear figures were designed exclusively for Splash Mountain. Despite its closure, it remains a remarkable testament to the Imagineers’ talent in designing a dark ride that maintains its water elements and drops its riders 52 feet into their “laughing place.”

Top Note:  nectarine, ozone, storm accord
Middle Note: white thyme, lavender, water hyacinth
Base Note:green balsam, vanilla salve, neroli

Scent Intensity:  Medium

Made in the USA.

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Do not leave lit candles unattended. Keep out of the reach of children and pets.

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16 oz Candle, 8 oz Candle, 8 oz Room Spray, 2-pack Wax Melts, 10 mL Fragrance Oil, 8 oz Foaming Hand Soap, 4 oz Diffuser Refill, 12 oz Body Wash


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